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 G o r d o n   H e r f o r d,  acclaimed multi award-winning Master Jeweller with over 40 years experience,  exploded onto the Sydney jewellery scene from 1985  as a cutting-edge designer,  winning four coveted De Beers awards for design.

He subsequently judged in these awards and designed jewellery for the elite in Sydney and internationally.  

In 2007, he won the Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Award in the Australian Argyle Pink Diamond category with the perfect embodiment of the innate beauty of these rare, exquisite and highly-prized diamonds with the famous "Fleur de Lumiere", a two-layered piece comprising the beautiful Japanese blossom, each centre set with Argyle Pink diamonds, intricately carved by hand in 22ct yellow gold suspended above a concave pave set bed of Russian cut white diamonds creating the illusion of lace.  

With this award Gordon became recognised as an expert in the heady realm of Argyle Pink Diamonds and the recipient of an invitation to the annual Argyle Pink Diamond tender exclusive to industry leaders worldwide.
Gordon utilises his skill as a sculptor with the 2000 year old ancient Egyptian Lost Wax Method creating orignal sculptural designs where the piece is carved by hand from wax and then encased in plaster.  

The wax is then removed leaving the detailed design and precious metal is poured into the plaster cast which is then removed and the original piece is revealed.  

He is also famed for his old-school intricate back-piercing, handmade precious metal-carved pieces and his meticulous attention to detail.

Gordon consistenly creates stunning forward-thinking collections for Poeta including  The Four Seasons, Splash, Daisy, Hammered, Raw (utilising uncut diamonds) and JuJu that are available exclusively at Poeta.

Luscious South Sea and Tahitian pearls are also a speciality, directly sourced from pristine fairtrade pearl farms. 

Gordon has acquired very elite diamond sources worldwide all of which are non-conflict fairtrade and our precious and semi-precious gems are proudly natural and are not heat-treated to intensify the colour.

Gordon is a multi-faceted designer who designs custom  wearable art for people who like to express themselves through jewellery.   

His designs are always interesting and unique,  utilizing his amazing sculptural prowess and his ability to capture your personality in a piece that you will love and cherish forever.


1985      De Beers Winner of Diamond Anniversary Ring Category

1987       De Beers Winner of Supreme Diamond Design Award

1987       De Beers Diploma of Honour Diamond Brooches Category

1987       De Beers Diploma of Honour Diamond Jewellery for Women

2007       Winner Diamond Guild of Australia Pink Diamond Award