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Australian South Sea and Tahitian Pearls

Australian South Sea pearls are a natural gem meticulously harvested from the pristine waters off the coast of Western Australia.  

The Pinctada Maxima oyster is the largest pearl producing oyster in the world, taking two years to produce a single Australian South Sea pearl.

They range in colour from a delicate pink hue to moonlit ivory, silver and cream which can be seen on the inside of the oyster shell.

The wonderful spectrum available from our Tahitian pearl sources range from latte, cappucino and dark umber to deep old gold, olive, aubergine, magenta, midnight and soft blues, grey, black and the coveted Peacock.

Pearls sourced by Poeta have a naturally thick and lustrous nacre ranging in size from 10mm through to 20mm in diameter and are hand-selected based on five natural virtues of lustre, shape, size, colour and surface quality.  Of these, lustre is the most important virtue describing the luminous quality of the pearl surface.

Pearls have an astounding ability to capture light and radiate it as its own.  

Light reflects through the countless layers of nacre, appearing as though it is coming from deep within the pearl.  This is called 'orient'.

Lustre depends on the quality and quantity of nacre produced by the oyster and a superior lustre can be seen when your reflection is clearly visible on the pearl surface.

Shape is a matter of personal taste and Australian South Sea pearls produce the incredibly rare and perfect round pearl, to the unique shapes of baroque and circle pearls.

Caring for your Pearls

If cared for correctly your pearls will remain as beautiful as the day they were purchased, to be treasured by generations.

To clean your pearls simply wipe them with a soft, damp cloth to remove excess oils and dirt with no need for detergents, alcohol or other cleaning solutions.

Your pearls will respond naturally to a gentle, chemical-free clean.  

Do not let your pearls come into contact with hairspray, cosmetics, sunscreen and perfumes as these contain chemicals that can damage the nacre and they are best stored in a soft cloth or in their original case.

Pearls infuse a magical and ethereal presence when worn and Gordon Herford will create a design for you that will be a joy to wear,

be it a formal strand with a custom made clasp, a stunning pair of earrings or a beautiful ring or bracelet, anything is possible.

Please contact Poeta for a private viewing of a selection of gems to suit your personal taste.