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The Argyle Pink Diamond

With a 1.6 billion year history in their spectacular outback home, these exquisitely beautiful, intriguing, regal and rare diamonds are in a class of their own.

Their delicate palette ranges through soft blush, cherry blossom and rose to the pretty lavender and cornflower blue to sensual violet and dramatic red.

The only source of these famous diamonds, The Argyle Diamond mine in Western Australia, is over 30 years old.

So precious are these stones, that for every million carats of rough pink diamonds produced from the mine, only one polished carat is offered for sale by Annual Tender.

Over the past 15 years the value of Argyle Pink Diamonds sold at Tender have appreciated over 300 per cent.

The 2016 Annual Pink Diamond Tender achieved the highest average price per carat since the tender began in 1984 and was the first Tender to comprise diamonds solely from Argyle's underground mine.

As the recipient of  the Diamond Guild Australia Award for Design in the Argyle Pink Diamond category in 2007,  Gordon Herford receives an exclusive Annual Argyle Pink Diamond Tender invitation which allows him access to these stunning and rarified gems.

Gordon is an expert in this field and is more than happy to assist with everything Argyle Pink Diamond,  from sourcing a gem as an investment piece via Tender or an emotional purchase of the heart, he is there every step of the way, providing secure confidential access to details and images of gems available, Tender application, sourcing,  original design sketch options infusing the gem with your personality as well as custom handmaking and full certificates,  everything to ensure that you are happy with an investment piece that will appreciate immediately or an artwork of pure thoroughbred beauty that you will treasure forever.

The legend of the Argyle Pink Diamond will live long after the mine has ceased to dazzle us with its magical offerings and it will leave its mark on the imagination of anyone who treasures eternal beauty for there is no more tender a symbol of love than an Argyle Pink Diamond.

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